Fun, Relaxed & Friendly Art Classes
with Christine Cooper


Mondays Five Ash Down village hall (next to P.O.) TN22 3AH 10.00am – 12.00 noon
Fridays Fairwarp Village Hall  TN22 3BD 10.00am- 12.00 noon


Classes have a mixture of beginners, intermediate and experienced students and will take the format of an open workshop, with the following guidelines; I will suggest a scheme of topics and medium, as this is useful for beginners. I plan to start each session with a 10 minute introduction to a skill or medium. This can be used in that session or in a future session.

Beginners can follow my set program, working towards more independent study as confidence grows. Sessions develop skills in drawing and painting, together with observation, colour, light and shade and perspective using a wide range of subjects such as landscapes, sea/townscapes, still life, figures, portraits and animals. Students can use a wide range of mediums such as pencil, charcoal, graphite, watercolours, pen and wash, gouache acrylics and pastel (not Oil Paints as I have asthma.)

Students with some experience can choose the topic/ project which you want to work on, in the style you wish, in your choice of media.

We can look at a group project, if desired, e.g. Chinese Brush Painting, or a new material, or new approach to techniques, possibly inspired by a TV art program or a visit to an exhibition.

I would like to end each session with a look at the sessions work, suggest next steps evaluate critic.

A reminder of topic and equipment for following week, followed by tidying and clearing up.

All students welcome 

Many of my students have not done any art since their school days, or have painted at home.

Some students follow partly their own study whilst dipping into my set programme and some students prefer to follow their own independent study.I am open to students’ suggestions of ideas for media and subject to be included in the programme. I like students to develop their own style, rather than be clones of me!

The dates of classes follow the school calendar.

Book your place today!

Costs; £10.50 a session. Payable in 5 or 10 week blocks, of £52.50 or £105.00

Fee reduction; £5.00. For absences due to booked holiday or hospitalisation. Use of class materials; £1.50 a session. Try before you buy.